Thursday, 5 May 2011

Week 5

Vegetables looking good after the weeding.... lettuce, spinach, beetroot, onion, parsnips and suede are all doing well! 

Most of the runner beans are now too big for the cold frame so I have planted round 10 of these out.  To protect the plants from a late frost I have wrapped some fleece around the canes.   I have left the smaller plants growing in the cold frame and will plant them out when they get too large.

The early potatoes I planted a month ago are now breaking the surface.  I know that I should be mounding the soil up to cover the leaves..... that is going to involve some serious shoveling so I will be leaving that until the weekend! :0)

In the cold frame the tomatoes are growing very well - I think I will repot them into larger pots very soon.  Also the broccoli seems to be getting to a point where they could be planted out.

I have just planted some suede in a tray and have left this in the cold frame -it will be interesting to see whether the suede I sowed directly into the soil a month ago or the seed I have planted into a tray in the cold frame comes on better.

All in all I am surprised at how well this is all going so far!  If anyone has any pointers please do let me know!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Just a quick update!  - O have been past the garden today and things are comming on very well - the only issue is that the weeds seem to be growing at a rapid rate of knots so I have spent well over an hour weeding the patch!  I have watered everything well and have also sown some additional beetroot seeds in row 10 (which I left for this purpose)...

I will be back down the garden tomorrow evening so will take some photos!