Saturday, 26 March 2011

first seeds to be sown

Now that the ground has been left for a week to break down and that the chance of a hard frost is now minimal I have decided to plant out some seed!

I have not had much time to research what I should plant next to each other so I am going to plant a mixture as I would like to get some seeds in the ground as soon as possible.  I will research this more and put into practice in the next sowing in the comming weeks.

As previously mentioned, the vegetable garden is divided into two plots.  I have decided to use the smaller strip for sowing the small vegetables like lettuce, carrot etc. and use the larger strip of land for the larger veg like butternut squash, beans, potatoes etc.  This is my plan so far but if necessary I may still overflow some of the crops from the smaller patch onto the larger.

I have all the tools ready so onto sowing I go.... Today I have sown carrots, parsnip, cabbage, onion, leeks, lettuce & beetroot all in rows in the small patch.  This has used up approx 2/3 of the smaller patch. 

These seeds will need protecting because there is still a chance of a small frost so I have been advised to cover the ground with some horticultural fleece.  I have purchsed 10m2 from a local garden centre - this is just enough to cover the newly planted seeds.

At regular intervals I have staked the ground with some small canes to keep the fleece off the ground.  The fleece is then draped over the stakes and then held to the ground with tent pegs.  I have marked each row of seeds and noted the rows on paper.

I watered them well with the hose, tidied up and then had a nice cup of tea.  I look forward to seeing signs of growth in the next week or so.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Ok....the first job I guess was to dig over the patch of land that we are going to use for our allotment / vegetable garden and remove all the weeds.    This was no easy task - our 'allotment' consists of two strips of land.  The first strip being 2m x 8m and the second strip being 3m x 9.5m.  Once dug over I have removed all large stones and thoroughly raked over to create a nice fine topsoil for us to plant our vegetables.  The start of Vegetable growing in shrewsbury SY1.